What Items Can I Bring Into The Exam?

Highlighters/Text Marker 5 colors
The sheer amount of materials that the California Bar Examiners send to you is overwhelming.  Most people don't read all of it.  Amazingly, you are allowed to bring a lot of items into the examination room to aid your comfort and to increase test performance. Water is provided nearby.  I highly recommend having the first 5 items with you. What do people need a bookstand for?!?
  1. Admission Ticket
  2. Pens and Pencils
  3. Highlighters
  4. Silent Analog Watches or Timers measuring less than 4 x 4 inches
  5. Ear Plugs
  6. Wallets
  7. Eyeglasses
  8. Paper Clips
  9. Back Support
  10. Two Pillows, No Cases Allowed
  11. One Bookstand
  12. One Foot Rest
  13. Splints and Braces
  14. Inhalers
  15. Crutches
  16. Wheelchairs
  17. Casts
  18. Hearing Aids
  19. Tens Units
  20. Feminine Hygiene Items
  21. Medicine
  22. Diabetes-related Equipment