Keeping The Bar Exam In Perspective

The bar exam consumes your life.  You wake up anxious each morning to eat, sleep and study for the bar exam.  You go to bed and have strange dreams about not being able to find your seat or being assigned a seat next to someone who didn't shower for 3 days leading up to the exam. Only to wake up anxious with the vicious cycle starting all over again.  

The bad news? This cycle gets worse as you get closer to the bar exam and the dreams become more vivid and strange.  Not only could you not find your seat, you showed up at the wrong test location.  You weren't assigned a seat next to the smell person, you become the smelly person.

As I was getting deeper and deeper into this cycle, a wedding video came out on youtube.  The ceremony made national headlines with re-enactments on The Today Show and The Morning Show.  The video showed a level of friendship and happiness that people have, but often forget because the negative often clouds the positive in our lives. The bar exam, in the end, is only a test. Passing the test may give you more options and it may justify your debt, but even if you don't pass, life goes on.  Before the exam, I constantly needed that reminder.  I suspect I watched this video at least 20 times leading up to the exam.

I suspect most of you have already seen the video.  Take a look again and remind yourself there are more important things in life than the bar exam.  Enjoy!