Practice For The Bar Exam: Loud And Noisy

You can't recreate the sound of 1000 people typing all at once or the echo of a girl flippity-flopping across a virtually silent convention center on MBE day.  Don't be that girl. A thousand people will testify it was justifiable homicide.

Taking a practice exam with distractions is a good experience. Not just TV noise, but real obnoxious distractions.  Go to the public library, sit near the kids books section and practice with children running and shrieking around you.  Any screams you hear on test day will pale in comparison.  Wait until your drummer roommate starts his three hour long practice session to begin your practice test.  The banging of someone frustratingly ripping off a stall door in the bathroom won't be that distracting.

If you practice with major distractions going on around you, the minor distractions during the bar exam won't bother you the least bit.  This translates to extra points for you!