Handwriting The Bar Exam

People wonder if laptopping the bar exam is any more advantageous than handwriting it.  Without any proof, using a laptop seems more advantageous.  Its easier to edit if you make a mistake, you can copy-paste to reorganize an argument, its neater and easier for the grader to read, and you can type faster than you write.  However, short of your arm falling off, handwriting has the big advantage of having no technical issues. So, the debate rages on.  

There was a study a few years back which tried to determine whether handwriting or laptopping was the bigger advantage.  It seemed using a laptop would net you approximately 18 additional points over handwriting, however that has declined with time.  The paper is a bit dated since typing, as in typewriter, was still an option. The paper is short, so give it a quick read.  For those that don't want to do that, read the last page - it gives a summary.  It would be interesting to see this study done again.