Bar Exam: How To Wake Up On Time

A Clockwork Orange (Two-Disc Special Edition)I've always had odd sleep patterns.  I'm a night owl that often stays up past the time an early bird would be waking up.  The bar exam being the biggest test I've ever taken, waking up on time was a big concern of mine.

To assure that I woke up on time, I set up four different alarms.  I had my hotel alarm clock, my phone alarm, a wake up call and a friend to call me to make sure I was awake.  I went as far as to give a friend the hotel phone number and my room number so they could ask for someone to come up and knock on my door in case I didn't answer my phone.

I wanted to make sure that if I accidentally set my clock for pm instead of am, didn't turn the volume up loud enough or turned my alarm off instead of snoozing, I would still make the exam. By setting multiple alarms, you can help settle your mind for a good nights sleep and be sure that you'll wake up on time for the bar exam.