Extension Cords: Life Line Of A Bar Examinee

GE 51924 Indoor/Outdoor 25-Foot General Purpose Grounded Extension Cord, OrangePreparation for the bar exam doesn't end until the proctor says "you may begin."  During lunch on Day 1 of the bar exam, I overheard a girl, practically in tears, telling a friend that her computer shut down mid-exam.  Because Secure Exam blocks any sort of notices, the girl didn't realize her computer was running out of battery life.  Her power source didn't work and she had to handwrite.

You must plan for everything! Do not depend on anyone else.  When you plug in, make sure your power source works.  However, realize the proctor's job description does not include helping you find a working power source.  The bar examiners set-up thousands of power sources before the exam.  Its a guarantee that one of them isn't going to work.  It might be yours, so bring an extension cord.  If you can't plug into your power source, you at least have the length to get to another.