Coffee: The Shakes!

Cafe Altura Organic Coffee, Sumatran Dark Roast, Whole Bean, 32-Ounce Bag
The law school uniform isn't complete without a cup of coffee. A large cup to start the day, another to get through class and one more cup to keep   you studying.  Dunkin' runs on law students.

Unfortunately, you won't have access to coffee during the exam.  I'd suggest testing how you function on a rigid caffeine schedule.  Get a cup at 7 am and one at noon to see how you feel.  Now ask yourself these questions:
  • How big of a cup do I need to stay awake? 
  • Does it make me too jittery to type? 
  • How often do I have to use the bathroom? 
  • Can I handle having coffee breath for five hours?
The temperature of the room, subjects tested and who you sit by during the exam are out of your control.  Use this time to test things within your control.  While no one is going to get optimal conditions, you can get close!