Family Law in Minnesota

For those you about to take the bar exam, I applaud you. Four years after passing the California bar exam, I'm getting out of law all together. I've been doing divorces in Minnesota and California. Handling everyone else's problems has gotten the better of me. 

On the way out, I've created a site to aid people with their child support. While there are a lot of jerks out there that do not want to pay child support, there are also a lot of people being put into poverty because they improperly did the paperwork. Hopefully, I can shed some light on that and people would be more willing and understand how their child support number is derived. My site is at

Best wishes to all the bar takers. 

What The Pass Page Looks Like

I was reading all4jds and saw that people were asking for what the pass page of the California bar exam looks like. Above is what it looks like. I removed my identifying information. Print this out and add your information if it helps you visualize passing.

I know the stresses you all are going through. I snapped at my roommate and called him an eco-terrorist because I didn't think he filled the dishwasher full enough. And that wasn't the worst thing I did. Needless to say, I had a lot of apologizing to do after the exam.

I think the bar exam was the first time my future was controlled by me, yet left me with a feeling of having a total lack of control. Its unlike anything I've ever experienced.

Bookmark this site so you can come back each day so you can visualize passing. If I can do anything else to help or if you have any other questions, leave a comment below. Also, please "like" this if you think its helpful.