Your Biggest Failure Ever!

Lets talk about the in-class practice exam.  You all know this is going to happen. Let me get it on the table anyways. You are going to fail the practice exam. By fail, I mean fail bigger than you've ever failed anything before.  

Its okay. You'll be just fine. I scored 96/200 on the BarBri practice exam, but scored 142 raw score.  BarBri does a very good job of selecting various types of questions for you to explore. Some of them you will have no idea how to approach. Its a learning process and BarBri does a good job. 

Most people score around 100/200 on the MBE portion. If you score between 90-100, you're doing just fine. Below 85, you have to pick up. Above 115, go find a girlfriend you giant nerd!

We're getting some good conversation going regarding a constitutional law exam.  Check it out and offer your thoughts.