Public Libraries: The Best Place To Study

Where the Sidewalk Ends 30th Anniversary Edition: Poems and DrawingsWho's sick of being around law school people? Unfortunately, all the law libraries and coffee shops are just filled with stressed out law students.  You just can't find a good spot. Out here in Los Angeles, not only are the coffee shops filled with law students, but you can't get a table because of all the script writers.

I don't enjoy super quiet places, but I don't want anything too interesting to happen to distract me.  I've found that public libraries are the best place for me to study.  You get free internet, its air conditioned, quiet rooms if you want it, and big enough tables to accommodate all your your books and outlines.  Plus there are no other law students there!

I liked to get there when the library was opening and leave when it was closing.  Solid 8 hours.  Plus if I got sick of reading law material, there were other books I could read to take a mental break.  I was a big Shel Silverstein fan when I was growing up, so his books were nice to re-read and reminisce about easier times.

The only drawback were the hours.  They all seem to close early in the afternoon, so make sure to check the hours before you go!