ExamSoft: Why Wouldn't You Test It?

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I hear a lot of test takers talk about how ExamSoft crashed on them during the exam. While I'm sympathetic to people that come across in-test problems, this issue is completely preventable.

I have yet to come across anyone that actually tested ExamSoft before the exam having problems with it during the exam.  ExamSoft gives you a great opportunity to test it on your machine.  While you're practicing your essays, type them out using ExamSoft. You'll quickly find out if something on your computer conflicts with ExamSoft.  

My guess is a lot of students use ExamSoft in law school and don't feel the need to test it before the bar exam.  First, this is the most important exam you're ever going to take, so why wouldn't  you test your computer? Second, ExamSoft is continually updating and releasing new versions.  You have to make sure the version you're using for the exam doesn't conflict with your computer.  

From what I've read, it seems the biggest conflicts occur between ExamSoft and anti-virus programs - Nortons, McAfee, etc.  Make sure to test your computer.  If something conflicts, you at least have time to get it fixed, borrow a friends computer or to buy a new one.