MPT: Two Common Questions Answered!

I saw the following posting on, my answer is below:
                      "Just finished my first practice MPT (the 90-minute version). I have a couple questions:
                        1. Are you really supposed to finish it? I got damn close but, really, this is a mountain of work to get done in 90 minutes.
                        2. How closely are you supposed to mimic the point sheet? They wanted it done chronologically but I did it according to three objections made by the defense attorney. I still covered the same stuff there really only one way to do it? "

1. Yes, you are suppose to finish.  Graders can't give you points for what you don't write.  It is a mountain of work to get done, but thats the point.  The MPT doesn't test your legal knowledge, it tests your ability to read accurately, think critically, organize quickly, and write coherently.  "Getting close" means your leaving points on the table.  Thats a lot of points left on the table when each MPT point is worth twice an essay point.  

2.  Yes, there is only one way to do it. Mimic the point sheet and follow the directions exactly!  Think of it like this.  Graders will read hundreds of the exact same essay.  Do you think they are reading word for word by the 4th essay? Not a chance! They are skimming and looking for key points.  You're not going to do yourself any favors by making them "search" your essay to grade it.  Do what they teach you in BarBri, be a sheep.  Baaaaaaa.