Where You Should Be In Your Study Process

I hope everyone had a good holiday. Thats likely the last time you all will be having an extended relaxation period.  For most of you, you've finished the BarBri simulated bar exam. Eye opening, right? Lets examine the results.

For the MBE you scored somewhere around 50% mark or 100/200. Good job! Even if you scored a little under, you're on track. If your under 90/200, you really need to start doing more multiple choice questions. Early in the study process, most people would rather do multiple choice questions than essays. If you scored under 90, I'm hoping you have put some time into practicing essays.  More importantly, how was your timing? Did you run out of time? Finish with time leftover? Which types of questions did you have to spend more time on?

For the essays, there is no real good way to score it other than what BarBri gives you. The tendency is to argue that BarBri gives everyone low scores to scare people into studying harder. More likely, its because you don't have anything memorized yet. You likely sat there trying to make up rules, wrote some weak analysis based on the made up rule, and finished the essay with more than half of the time remaining.  Congrats! You're right on track! 

Over the next three weeks, memorization is going to be huge. You need to clean up your rule statements. Not only for the essays, but for making sure you can identify the correct multiple choice answer.  Keep it together, don't freak out, you're doing just fine!