Get Your Binoculars, We're Going Hunting

The goofy thing about walking out of the convention center after each day is that you are not done. You still have to upload your exam. Most of the hotels that are recommended by the bar examiners are upscale 4 star hotels who charge additional for internet service. Each 24 hours can run you over $15. Who has that type of money?

When you arrive the day before the exam, make sure you make a dry run over to the test location.  On the way, look for places with wi-fi. Coffee shops, McDonalds and bagel shops are good places to try. 

Make sure you upload your exam immediately after the exam. While you are given several hours to upload your exam, life happens. Your computer could get dropped, lost at the airport, stolen or any other strange life happenings. The graders can't grade what they don't have, so get it done immediately after the exam.

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