Bar Exam: I Got To Pee!

Lets talk bathrooms. Most of you will be taking exams in convention centers. They're big and have lots of bathrooms. However, there will still be a line before the exam. You're best going to the bathroom before you enter the test room. Once in there, you'll have to stick it out in line.

Another thing about bathrooms. Immediately after the exam, you will not be allowed to use the bathrooms in the convention center. As soon as they call the 5 minute warning, the bathrooms are closed. You will have to wait out the five minutes for the test to end, 10 minutes for the exams to be collected, and likely another 10 to 20 minutes in line outside. So plan accordingly. 

Keep reading those outlines. I know they get more and more difficult to read each day, but you're almost done. One time and never again.