Three Weeks of Memorizing

I got this question from a reader:

When I look back at all the subjects, it's overwhelming to see how much I have to memorize. When do you suggest that I start to memorize the rules?

The amount of material to memorize is overwhelming. Which is why you need to start memorizing now.  I cant stress the importance of active memorization instead of passive memorization. Flashcards and reading outlines are all passive studying.

Active studying is opening up the essay book and writing an essay to the best of your ability. When you fail to correctly state the rule, you write the rule out 10 times or until you have it memorized. Then you write the same essay again.

You'll quickly find that you will be putting the rules into your own words. Which is what you want to happen. This modified rule has a better "stickiness" factor and you'll have it ready for the exam.  Save passive studying for the last 3 days. Right now, you have to be active.