Run Of Show: Hotel Room Walk Through

Your hotel room is your home for the next three days. Its your sanctuary away from thousands of stressed out law students chattering about how stressed they are. Upon arrival do a walk through of your room to make sure its in working order. If you don't do the walk through now, chances are you won't be able to change rooms later if something is seriously wrong. At the very least, you can catch the small annoyances before you are in full exam mode.  This is my list of things to look for.

1. Turn on all lights, make sure all light bulbs work.
2. Check the shower and make sure it gets hot water.
3. Flush the toilet to make sure its not backed up.
4. Use the sink to make sure it drains
4. Scan floor for insects, make sure its clean.
5. Turn on TV make sure it works.
6. Use the remote to make sure batteries are working. 
7. Listen for airplanes, trains, automobiles and elevator noises. Make sure its bearable.
8. Set the alarm clock to see if its in working order, the volume is loud enough and the time is correct. 
9. Adjust the thermostat to make sure its working and you can find a comfortable temperature.
10. Find the nearest working ice machine.