Shopping For Clothes Is Necessary For The Bar Exam

July 4th weekend means sales at clothing stores!  This is a good time to prepare your attire for the bar exam. Your clothing for the bar exam should be comfortable, fitted and versatile.

1. Comfortable. Nothings worse than trying to concentrate in a itchy sweater.  I know you're tight on money, but if there is anytime to splurge on fabric softener, this is as good as any. Make sure to test the fabric softener before the exam to make sure you're not allergic.

2. Fitted. I was in a coffee shop and saw a girl wearing an over-sized sweatshirt.  She was trying to study and type, but any time she moved her arms the sleeves would knock her papers all over the floor. She barely dodged knocking over her own coffee and had to keep adjusting her sleeves so she could type. You're going to have your test booklet, pens, pencils, highlighters, watches and all sorts of other stuff.  Do you want to chase it all over the floor?

3. Versatile. When you walk into an empty concrete convention hall in the morning, its going to be chilly.  After almost 4 hours with over a thousand people in one room, it gets warm. With the mid-day heat, the afternoon session only gets warmer. Unless they turn on the air conditioning, which might be blowing directly at you. In that case, you'll be freezing. Dress in lots of layers. You have absolutely no idea what the temperature of the convention center is going to be.