Run Of Show: Target

You've checked over your room and every thing looks good. Its time to find the nearest Target or Wal-mart and get some supplies. This is no time to boycott Wal-mart for its employment/labor transgressions. You can boycott them all you want after the bar exam. Right now, get what you need and get to back to your room to rest up. 

For most of you, you won't have a refrigerator. How are you going to keep your lunch cold for the next couple days? Here is a checklist to make sure you have everything.

1. Foam cooler. For food and drinks.
2. Toiletries. Anything may have forgotten or forced to throw away at the airport.
3. Food for lunch. I highly recommend trail mix to keep energy and sugar levels up.
4. Drinks. Water. Also something with caffeine if you need a boost.
5. Swimsuit. Your hotel has a hot tub right? Good place to unwind.
6. Pencils/Pens. I'm going to rant about this for a moment. A really obnoxious sound is hearing someone try to sharpen their pencil mid-exam. The little handheld pencil sharpeners don't work very well, so it takes people forever just to get it so the lead isn't falling out.  For my sake, and everyone around you, buy a box of 10 pre-sharpened pencils. Just pull out a new pencil when the one your using runs dull. 
7. Eraser. Get the good, white, plastic eraser. They erase cleaner and leave less markings than the pink erasers. No point in leaving behind markings that could be misread by the computer.