Run Of Show: Hotel Rooms

Let's get down to business. I realized I have a lot I want to talk about before you all take the exam. I will be a posting machine over the next week and a half. Come back and come back often.

So you've arrived early and ready for check-in. What type of room should you ask for? Ask for a room on the lowest level possible.  Otherwise, not only will you have to wait for multiple cars to go by before you find one with space, do you really want to ride 15 floors with crazy stressed out students? If you are at the top floor, I guarantee you will stop at every single floor on the way down.  What should be a 30 second elevator ride will turn into 10 minutes.

I also recommend a room facing east. I like to think of the sun beaming into my window in the morning as an extra alarm clock. Get there early and get your eastern facing second floor room!