Run of Show: Check-In

I got another really good email from a Amy over the all-star break. 

"I wanted to ask if sometime soon you could post something about sort of practical Game Day suggestions. Sort of like a schedule of what you did starting the Monday before the exam, and each day during the exam, what to expect, and any little tips that you would have liked to know beforehand."

My sister is an event planner. Before any of her events go live, she gives all set-up personel a run of show document.  The run of show gives a timeline and order for things to be done. Here is my "ROS" for the bar exam. 

Edit: I started writing this post and it ended up being excessively long. No one in their right mind would of read the entire post. Which now that I think about it, you all are freaked out bar examinees so I probably would of been able to get away with it. In any case, I am going to post this as a series.

Lets talk about check-in on Monday.  For those of you staying at hotels, call ahead and see what time they allow check-in. Then arrive at 1 pm no matter what they say. Most hotels have check-out at 11 am, so they should have some rooms available around 1 pm. If they let you check-in early, great. If not, have them hold your luggage behind the counter or in their locked room.

The earlier you are able to check-in the better. The hotel will try to accomodate your requests, but they can only do so much. Imagine arriving and finding out the only room they have left for the next three days is a smoking room. Get their early and if you end up having a problem with your hotel room, its a lot easier to change before other people arrive.