Run Of Show: Dry Run

After you have all your supplies from Target, you need to make a run over to the test location. Any way you decide to get there, make sure you time it. For the real thing, you're going to want to add 30 minutes for traffic. There will be car traffic and traffic in the elevators.

In addition, try to find one alternate route, just in case. For those of you that decide to drive, make sure you find the entrance into the parking lot. Don't just find the building, find the the parking lot booth. Determine if this lot is cash only and how much it costs to park your car.  Finally, look for a place to upload your exam. Hotel lobbys, coffee shops and Mcdonalds are good locations to look for. 

Its the final week. Congrats! You should be tightening up loose ends and making sure you're comfortable with all the major topics.  Don't freak out. Even if you fail, you're a good person!