What Days Do I Get To Leave BarBri Early? Find Out Here

Almost all classes will run between 3 hours and 3.25 hours  However, there are a couple days that differ in time. I'm assuming most of the professors will be the same as last year.

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  1. Agency and Partnership: This class will run less than 3 hours. This is the only day you will leave before 3 hours is up.  
  2. Torts: Each class will run closer to 3.5 hours. Long hypotheticals make for long class periods. 
  3. Remedies: This class will take the full 4 hours. The next class will be walking in before the Professor finishes lecturing. I highly recommend you skip the in-class lecture and use one of your on-line lectures. Remedies is painfully slow and with one of the least engaging professors. 
Keep sending your scanned essays and score sheets to timsadvises@gmail.com.  To those that already have, thank you for believing in this project.  I will give those who submitted essays first look once I complete the essay section.  For those looking for more information about this project, please visit the About This Blog page.