Look Like A BarBri Insider With These 3 Tips

For those taking BarBri, welcome to the first day of hating your life! Some of you still have a week before you start, but you might as well work ahead and start hating yourself now. Yet, its exciting isn't it? Its like the first day of law school. You have new people to meet, new surroundings to navigate and a new challenge to overcome. Here are 3 tips to make your first day of BarBri successful.

1. Location, Location, Location. Get there early and get a seat. Just like law school, the seat you pick the first day, will likely be the seat you sit in for the semester. Law students are territorial, stake your claim early. 

2. Bring Your Lunch. You only have an hour to eat lunch and the local eateries are never ready for the onslaught of law students. The restaurants are always understaffed on the first day. If you forget or are to lazy to pack a lunch, during one of the breaks, call and order ahead for pick up. Weather permitting, eat outside. Its the only sun your going to get for the next 5 days. 

3. Location, Location, Location, Part II. Sitting in the seats directly up front and up the middle of the auditorium increases attention span. Therefore, the best seats in a BarBri are in the "T-zone", right? WRONG! The best seats in BarBri are the seats closest to the door, next to a bathroom. You have a 10 minute break after each hour. Do you want to spend 13 minutes of your 10 minute break waiting in line? For women, that wait time is even longer. A seat near the door assures you will be first in line for the bathroom and have all your lecture notes in order.