3 Must Do's Before You Begin Bar Review

Congrats to those that passed! For those that didn't, tough luck but we'll get through it. 

If you are sitting for the July 2010 exam, you have two weeks until your bar review course begins.  Use these two weeks to make your next 3 months easier.  

1. Do your errands now. Whether taking your car in for an oil change, finding that dress for the wedding your attending or visiting the doctor, do it now. Maximizing the time you have to study and keeping a flexible schedule is key to minimizing your stress for the next 3 months. 

2. Spend time with your friends. Get all your non-law school friends together and go out on the town. For the next three months, you're going to be saying "I can't, I'm studying," to these people. Don't invite your law school friends. Over the next three months you're going to see more of those people than you care to.

3. Plan your meals.  Make a pan of lasagna, cut into squares and freeze for later. Find a slow-cooker recipe so food is ready when you get home. Or use a service like DineWise which will deliver meals to your door. Do this to avoid falling into the fast food trap.  Maintaining your health is a priority. You don't have time to be sick and unable to study. 

If anyone has any other good tips, please share!