Sample California Bar Exam Answers

The week before the bar exam results came out, I was a total wreck. During that week, I slept about 3 hours per night and was completely exhausted the night before the results. Guess how much sleep I got that night? Zero. None. Instead I stayed up all night and read everything I could about the exam. I read every sample answer, blog discussion and forum post I could find about what people wrote for each answer. This only made me stress out more since I was finding issues that I hadn't spotted or discussed.

To the lady that emailed me about freaking out after reading sample answers, stop it. STOP. IT. The people writing those sample answers are like the people writing BarBri sample answers - they have an infinite amount of time and an infinite amount of resources. Of course what they write is going to be better than yours. I think organizations who write sample bar answers try to freak out examinees on purpose so they will purchase their service should they not make the cut. For those that don't make the cut, you will look at the question you scored a 65 on realize, "this is all they wanted?" If you studied smart and put in the time, you'll pass. So quit torturing yourself.

I know all this is easier said then done. Try to find things to do that will tire yourself out. Go run 10 miles or chase your kids around at the park. Before you go to bed, visualize passing the bar exam!