The Post That Freaked Me Out

I posted earlier about freaking out the night before the bar exam results came out. Of the things I read, it was this blog post from a man people call Grand Poobah, or GP for short. For those awaiting Friday's bar results, don't worry about reading the post, its specific to the July 2009 exam. GP went through what he wrote on each essay. Most of what he wrote, was not in my essay. That post was cause for an intentional infliction of emotional distress claim. After reading that post, I had to get out of my room and away from my computer. A 3 am stroll through the neighborhood did not help much.

I've followed his blog since I found it and enjoy his blog posts. He is now waiting for the results of his 6th California bar exam. Yet, his voice remains positive and determined. He is a far stronger person then I am. I think what I respect most about GP is his willingness to share his scores and failures with the world. Failure is embarrassing enough without thousands of people knowing and then, to insult to injury, try to give you advice on how they passed the exam. The blog is a positive place and I'm sure everyone intends to be helpful, but I'm not sure how I would handle the feeling of everyone passing the exam but me.

I highly recommend people read his blog. For those of you awaiting Friday's bar exam results...start reading it on Saturday.