Curiosity Killed The Bar Examinee

Its a week after the bar exam and if you were like me, your curiosity has gotten the better of you. You've researched all the questions you remember struggling with and have discussed the essays with your friends. Lot of good that did, right? You likely found out you missed an issue. Or four.

Guess what? Who cares! Everyone misses issues. In 2009, I missed the entire constitutional law essay. I wrote a completely irrelevant and off-topic essay for an entire hour. I still passed.

Here is the best way to think about it. If you turned in a blank essay, you got a 40. If you write anything remotely on-topic, you got a 45. In my opinion, the grading really starts at 50. You only have to score 10 points to pass the essay.  It doesn't sound that difficult now does it? I'm sure you all did fine.

I finally got furniture for my office. I was going to go to IKEA and pick out a few items, but my sister insisted I wait. Her office is going through a huge remodel and is getting rid of several things. I was able to pick up a desk, file cabinet, leather chair, two visitors chairs and an all-in-one printer for the very fair price of helping tape and paint the walls. Getting all those items easily saved me $500.