The Release Of The California Bar Exam Results And You

Four months of agonizing over every possible mistake you could of made over the course of three days. Sleepless nights because you don't know whether your going to spend another seven months studying and waiting or start a career in a field that you've vested at least three years of your life to enter. Its all coming to an end.

The waiting is the worst. While you are still more likely to pass than to fail, at 55% percent, you're not much more than a coin flip from passing. Win or lose, knowing you failed is better than not knowing whether you passed. Eitherway, life moves forward.

When you see your results, take a moment to sit and release all the worry, anger and frustration this process has put you through. Cheers or tears, a weight will be lifted off your shoulders because at least now you can plan to move forward. When I got my results and saw that I passed, I leaned back in my chair, stared at the ceiling and instantaneously felt tired. That night I got some of the best sleep I'd ever received.

Make sure to communicate with the people that helped you through the process. They deserve to know how you did. I wrote a post about what I would of done at the results came out another way. You can find it here:

In any case, best of luck to all of you. I look forward to hearing your stories. Again, if I can be of help, please don't hesitate to email me.